How to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi

Some popular video addons for Kodi already have automatic subtitles capabilities and that’s great, but some times you need more control over your subtitle selection process to get the right subtitles for your video. In this guide we are going to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi using the AutoSubs service and a couple of subtitle addons so you can watch all your TV shows and movies with subtitles in any language.

1. Start on the Home Screen by selecting “System”.
2. Then “Add-ons”.
3. Now click on “Install from repository”.
4. Select “Kodi Add-on repository”.
5. We are going to install some subtitles addons, click on “Subtitles”.
6. There are many providers, install the ones that suits your language needs. “” offers subtitles in many languages and “” is great for english subtitles.
7. Go back one screen and select “Services”.
8. Install “AutoSubs” to automatically get the Subtitle Selection Panel every time you start playing a video, this is optional.
9. Now we are going to set the language for the subtitles. Go back to the Home Screen and select “System”.
10. Then “Video”.
11. Select the “Subtitles” tab and make sure “Settings level” is set to “Standard” or higher.
12. Switch “Preferred subtitle language” to your language.
13. You can select more than one language for subtitles, in this case we are going to choose english and spanish.
14. Click on “Default TV show service” and pick one from the ones you installed earlier, do the same for “Default movie service”.