Homescreen Shortcuts in Kodi

Step 1: Navigate to the “Settings” tab under the “SYSTEM” menu.

Step 2: Select the “Appearance” tab from the left side menu bar.

Step 3: Under the “Skin” tab on the left side menu bar, choose the “Settings” option under the current skin.

Step 4: Choose the “Add-on Shortcuts” tab from the left side menu bar.

Step 5: Under the “Home Page Videos Sub-menu” field select the shortcut placeholder that you wish to fill.

Step 6: Select the add-on you wish to place within the previously selected shortcut placeholder.

Step 7: Repeat Step 5 & Step 6 as you wish, in order to fill the other shortcut placeholders.

Step 8: Return to the main menu and enjoy the simpler navigation from now forward.