Registry tweaks for Internet Explorer

This is the dialog Box which opens when you select "Internet Options..." under "Tools" menu item in Internet Explorer or by Opening "Internet Options" from Control Panel.   Open Regedit and browse through to the key as below (or create if doesnot exist)  HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel   Creating a DWORD valuename (names as below) and setting its value to 1 will hide the corresponding Tabs in the Dialog Box

ValueName >> Description

GeneralTab >> Disable viewing the General page

SecurityTab >> Disable viewing the Security page

PrivacyTab >> Disable viewing the Privacy page

ContentTab >> Disable viewing the Content page

ConnectionsTab >> Disable viewing the Connections page

ProgramsTab >> Disable viewing the Programs page

AdvancedTab >> Disable viewing the Advanced page

To regain the original settings either set 0 for above valuenames or delete them.   The individual items under the above pages can also be restricted by creating a DWORD valuename (names as below) and setting its value to 1

ValueName >> Description

NoBrowserSaveAs >> File menu: Disable Save As... menu option

NoFileNew >> File menu: Disable New menu option

NoFileOpen >> File menu: Disable Open menu option

NoBrowserClose >> File menu: Disable closing the browser and Explorer windows

NoViewSource >> View menu: Disable Source menu option

NoTheaterMode >> View menu: Disable Full Screen menu option

NoFavorites >> Hide Favorites menu

NoBrowserOptions >> Tools menu: Disable Internet Options... menu option

NoHelpItemTipOfTheDay >> Help menu: Remove 'Tip of the Day' menu option

NoHelpItemNetscapeHelp >> Help menu: Remove 'For Netscape Users' menu option

NoHelpItemTutorial >> Help menu: Remove 'Tour' menu option

NoHelpItemSendFeedback >> Help menu: Remove 'Send Feedback' menu option

NoBrowserContextMenu >> Disable Context menu (right click)

NoOpeninNewWnd >> Disable Open in New Window menu option

NoSelectDownloadDir >> Disable Save this program to disk option

The toolbar displayed on the browser window too can be modified. Browse to the key as below (or create if doesnot exist)HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer   Create a DWORD valuename SpecifyDefaultButtons and set its value to 1. This has to be added once followed by tweaks as below.

Creating a DWORD valuename (names as below) and setting its value to 2 will hide the corresponding toolbar items. For showing the items, you will either require to change values to 1 or delete the valuename.

ValueName >> Description

Btn_Back >> Hide Back button

Btn_Forward >> Hide Forward button

Btn_Stop >> Hide Stop button

Btn_Refresh >> Hide Refresh button

Btn_Home >> Hide Home button

Btn_Search >> Hide Search button

Btn_History >> Hide History button

Btn_Favorites >> Hide Favorites button

Btn_Folders >> Hide Folders button

Btn_Fullscreen >> Hide Fullscreen button

Btn_Tools >> Hide Tools button

Btn_MailNews >> Hide Mail button

Btn_Size >> Hide size button

Btn_Print >> Hide Print button

Btn_Edit >> Hide Edit button

Btn_Discussions >> Hide Discussions button

Btn_Cut >> Hide Cut button

Btn_Copy >> Hide Copy button

Btn_Paste >> Hide Paste button

Btn_Encoding >> Hide Encoding button

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